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Travel News: Week Ending April 20, 2014

by on Apr.20, 2014, under Destinations

No news this week, just hope Happy Easter is your planned destination!

Easter greetings image

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Travel News: Week Ending April 13, 2014

by on Apr.13, 2014, under Travel News

This week it’s just “No travel” news.

Is anyone else suffering more than usual from pollen this year? I realize the stuff hits at different times in different places but in North Carolina right now – pollen coverage is heavy and B-A-D!

Not only do I find it hard to ponder travel, I’m trying to limit my time outdoors – at least for the next week or so or until it rains. I’ve had a borderline headache, watery eyes, and sinus congestion since Wednesday. Trying to focus on this screen makes me sneeze!

This week I am GLAD to not have a “flight plan.” I’d not want my sinuses to be compressing and decompressing nor would I want to be locked in a compartment with others who are potentially as miserable as I am.

This too shall pass. I have sinus issues year around – which have gotten worse as I’ve gotten older so this is just another hurdle. I don’t think it’s ridiculous though for anyone to limit outdoor activities temporarily if you are prone to pollen or have any breathing issues. No one wants to be inside when the weather is turning nice and trees, bulbs, and plants are waking up for Summer 2014 – but sometimes, staying in and staying home for a few days seem an obvious choice.

Have a great week!!

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Travel News: Week Ending April 6, 2014

by on Apr.06, 2014, under Destinations, Travel News

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Travel News: Week Ending March 30, 2014

by on Mar.30, 2014, under Destinations, Travel News, Travel Shopping

Get a free $50 gift card!

WOW! Watching Househunters International again this week to find that $2 Million US buys a really nice apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a beautiful city, but $2 million is a LOT to pay for an apartment. Think I’ll stick with Ragnar Lothbrok and the huts via “Vikings” on the History Channel!

++ Planes, trains or automobiles, more people expected to travel this spring

++ The World’s Best Airports For 2014

++ Millionaires’ migration: Top 5 destinations

++ 9 quirky U.S. hotel traditions

++ Disney Cruise Line reveals new summer 2015 destinations

++ Packages Under $1,500

++ 10 Places in Europe You CAN Afford
Note: There are a few hints here for visiting Stockholm!

++ Mackinac Island Named One Of World’s Best Island      Destinations
Note: Also the backdrop for the Christopher Reeve – Jane Seymour movie, “Somewhere In Time

++ Shop Great Exclusive Travel Deals at Luxury Link

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Travel News: Week Ending March 23, 2014

by on Mar.23, 2014, under Destinations, Travel News, Travel Shopping

Get a free $50 gift card!

Since I’m paying for it, I’d like to know.

++ Massive Obama Travel Bill Remains Secret

++ Travel Warning: Ukraine

A revisit of the guest post from our friend Alex in the Crimea, from 2013. Please take a minute or two today to send best wishes and hope for their safety to Alex, his friends, and his family.

++ Travel Destinations: Crimea, Ukraine

++ Beat data fees when you travel overseas

++ Latest luggage innovations to make travel a snap

++ Irv’s Luggage: Shop Lightweight Carryons

++ Top destinations for active vacations

++ Ryanair adds 8 new destinations for Winter 2014

++ A Warm Welcome – in Iceland?

++ Adventure Travel at

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Travel News: Week Ending March 16, 2014

by on Mar.16, 2014, under Travel News, Travel Shopping

Well, here’s hoping everyone survived the time change last weekend and the Ides of March yesterday. It was a nice break in the end-of-winter action in North Carolina with a 70+ degree, sunny day. Only 4 more days until Spring and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day birthday tomorrow to one of my sisters!!

Now to see what’s happening in the world of travel. First news, it’s not a good thing if you can’t trust your airline pilot:

++ Pilots become focus of Malaysia Airlines investigation

++ Say ‘I do’ to these 8 over-the-top beach weddings

++ Odd Things Other Countries Warn About Travel in the USA

++ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Cheer! Fun Facts & U.S. Celebrations

++ 2014 National Cherry Blossom Festival

++ Save on checked bags! Shop Lightweight Carry-Ons

++ First Day of Spring 2014: Vernal Equinox

Let’s be careful out there this year to all those heading out for Spring Break

++ Spring break in Florida: Here come the tourists

Free Shipping

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Travel News: Week Ending March 9, 2014

by on Mar.09, 2014, under Destinations, Travel News

Hope you set your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed last night. Otherwise, you’re an hour late!!!

Now on to some travel-related news for this week…

++ Missing plane mystery deepens

++ Find the best business class seat to the UK

++ London Tourist Information

I must admit to leaning more in the “no travel” direction lately. Hidden fees, security risks and baggage “unknowns,” concerns about the safety of food and water in too many places…travel – especially by air, is not the fun adventure it used to be.

++ Stay Home: Travel Is Overrated

On the other hand…I might make an exception for this:

++ A journey though the Alps

++ World’s best travel reward programs

++ 10 U.S. cities with the best travel deals in 2014

++ 12 Money-Saving Travel Secrets

Have to travel and need to know if your destination has “issues”? Get the latest updates from the US State Department.

++ Travel Alerts & Warnings – US State Department

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Travel News: Week Ending March 2, 2014

by on Mar.02, 2014, under Travel News

We’re not doing the normal travel news post for this week. Instead, a minute or two to show those who refuse to learn, why it is sometimes best to NOT TRAVEL at all.

Some of these videos are not from recent storms in 2013 and 2014 but show again that what you can’t see CAN hurt you. If there are four words that ever catch your attention when planning travel they should be “weather,” “snow,” “flooding,” and “ice.”

There are some days when it is best to just stay home – or stay wherever you are. I’ve learned, after nearly 40 years of safe driving, that when the big rigs are reportedly having problems driving the roads, it’s a sure sign I’d better be watching those reports from the safe comfort of my sofa.

You can probably afford to miss a day of work, but your family and friends will likely never get over your loss if you get out on the road in hazardous conditions and get yourself killed. As you can see from these few videos, finding yourself in the middle of a road accident is NOT something you can always avoid. Particularly when inclement weather takes over.

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