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Travel News: Week Ending July 20, 2014

by on Jul.20, 2014, under Travel News


Another week, another air tragedy.

This one is being made so much worse by the lack of focus on the victims and their families and friends versus the who did what, where,and when.

And while the US, Russia, and Ukraine blame and sanction and rant and rave and the media run around national “spokesmen” like the typical herd of sheep, at least 24 hours after the crash, bodies were still lying on the ground, covered by plastic bags or blankets. This while politicians worried about the location of the black box. Yes, finding out what happened is certainly important for the friends and relatives of those killed, but in my opinion, respect for the dead comes first.

In an ever-increasing callous and accusatory world, I can say I’m not surprised that individuals and their respective worth and loss is treated as secondary to self-centered countries and politicians.

But just for once, I wish I was.

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Travel News: Week Ending July 13, 2014

by on Jul.13, 2014, under Travel News

Instead of a recap of the latest travel news from the last week, here’s my response to one, rather shocking piece of news…


‘This is not the CBP [Customs and Border Protection] or another federal agency renting or leasing an aircraft, these are the same planes that the American public uses for domestic travel,’ Garza told Breitbart. ‘This just adds insult to injury.’

Not only are we releasing unknown illegal aliens onto American streets, but we are allowing them to travel commercially using paperwork that could easily be reproduced or manipulated on any home computer.’

And one guess who is picking up the tab for all this “travel.” US taxpayers.

So here’s my plan, as it were…

It’s pretty hot and humid this time of year in North Carolina and while NC is a beautiful state, I’ve been here almost 20 years and have been thinking it might be time for a change. In some of my virtual travel ramblings I’ve been thinking that Nova Scotia or British Columbia look very appealing. But there are all those little paperwork issues that would need to be dealt with to move a US citizen outside the US – and it wouldn’t be cheap either.

Even worse, I’d have to have either a much larger net worth than I currently possess or, I’d have to have something written and signed, proving I would have gainful employment in Canada so as to not become a burden on Canadian citizens. I might be able to pull this off, but I imagine it would take a fair amount of time and effort.

So here’s what I think I’ll do:

++ Sell everything I own except dog, car, (and laptop so I can work if I have to)
++ Make my way to the Canadian border
++ Tell them that I am a “refugee” from the United States
++ Tell them I know “someone” in Nova Scotia
++ Wait a bit for Canadian citizens to fund my flight to my chosen destination
++ Put out my hand for immediate food stamps, free healthcare, housing subsidies, and anything else I can get as a “refugee.”

If I can find a couple of homeless US citizen kids on some street corner who would also like a free trip to Nova Scotia, this will probably help my plan. (Yes, we have US citizen children without homes, food, healthcare, etc.)

So what do you think? Sounds like a “plan” from a delusional mind does it not? Well, as most already know, the majority of this would and could NEVER HAPPEN in Canada. Canada has a border. Last time I checked it was secure and Canadian laws were enforced and are KNOWN world-wide to be enforced.

More bad news for me – between the lack of US border to the south and the US Government travel agency services around the US for illegal aliens flooding in, I will soon BE a refugee FROM America! But if I need to catch a flight somewhere in the US to hatch my refugee escape “plan” I’ll need to show ID, sign a form or two about what I will and won’t do – and then hope the US Government doesn’t have ME on some “No Fly” list. Even then, and after providing all my required documentation, I’ll have to at LEAST still remove my shoes, empty my pockets, and be scanned by some wand.

Welcome to my “How to be an American Refugee” post. My plan obviously needs some work. But help is on the way! This administration can’t seem to flood the country with illegals fast enough. Pretty soon people from unknown origins and with unknown “affiliations” will be EVERYWHERE in the US – so maybe I can get some advice from them. Chances are, they will tell me what I already know…NO COUNTRY in the WORLD is allowing its borders to breached and its country invaded – except the United States. Much less by actually enticing people to do so with immigration laws a joke, a porous border, free travel, free food, etc., etc.

This won’t end well…

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Travel News: Week Ending July 6, 2014

by on Jul.06, 2014, under Destinations, Travel News, Vacation Rentals

Dales Holiday Cottages

As much as I’d wished I had somewhere special to go for the 4th of July weekend, I’m glad I don’t have a potentially arduous trip to make home today. Roads will be busy with many of the estimated 41 million that traveled – now wending their way home. Please be patient when you need to, and arrive back home safe!

++ Airlines on high alert in face of new terror threats

++ America’s Best Summer Food Festivals

++ 11 items to pack in your travel medical kit

++ Places that should be World Heritage sites

++ Travel expert says airlines are tightening carry-on rules

++ 6 Sneaky Fees That Are Making Airlines a Bundle

++ 3 more reasons to visit Victoria, Canada

++ Save 52%! Palm Canyon Resort and Spa in Palm Springs!

++ Fans of “Frozen” increase Norway tourism

++ The hotel named ‘best in the world’ may surprise you

++ Global directory of vacation rental homes, condos, cottages, and villas

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Happy 4th of July – Move ON Arthur!

by on Jul.04, 2014, under Destinations, Travel News

What bad timing for local businesses and for tourists to North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

++ Arthur weakens to Category 1 storm after leaving thousands without power in North Carolina

People actually began leaving Wednesday and many sightseeing venues were closing then as well. Now there are widespread power outages and for many, a less than stellar holiday weekend.

The GOOD news:

++ Arthur moves on, leaves minor damage behind

So far, no lives have been lost, and while Arthur may have taken a shot at utility services, damage to beaches via erosion, etc., are minimal.

Sometimes these things are enough to celebrate.

Here is a NC link to photos of the beaches – after Arthur.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

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Travel News: Week ending June 29, 2014

by on Jun.29, 2014, under Destinations, Travel News, Vacation Rentals

The 2014 July 4th holiday weekend is almost upon us – and a couple reminders. Lots of tourists moving about – they don’t know the roads and will no doubt be making some “iffy” moves – be aware.

Download a free London guidebook at London Pass

Secondly, please, please, please do NOT leave your kids or your pets in the car. Heat and humidity will turn your vehicle into an oven in NO TIME. Leave pets to board. Safer for them in the long run…

++ AAA: Fourth of July travel rises 1.9%
    Est: 41 million people will travel and, why I won’t be…

++ July Fourth fires up highest gas prices since ’08

++ The Best and Worst Cities to Spend the 4th of July

++ Save Up to 70% FREE Shipping with $99 purchase at Irv’s       Luggage Expires 6/30

++ 10 Best: Fourth of July fireworks around the USA

++ Can’t decide where to retire? Try ‘everywhere’

++ TripAdvisor: top value destinations for summer vacations

++ Maine Vacation Rentals

++ The 10 best cruise destinations to see Native cultures

++ London Pass Sale

++ Dude Ranch and Guest Ranch Accommodations

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National Geographic Online: Free Shipping!

by on Jun.24, 2014, under Travel Shopping

50% Off The Complete National Geographic

Free shipping through June 26th!! Great to help keep kids occupied during summer vacation and vacation travels!

Shop the National Geographic Store! All purchases support research, education, conservation, and exploration.

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Travel News: Week Ending June 22, 2014

by on Jun.22, 2014, under Destinations, Travel News

This first one infuriates me. This is not the way to treat visitors to our country…ripping off citizens sucks as well!

Maryland Crabs Delivered

++ Tourist reportedly assaulted in NYC
    after refusing to pay $2 per foot for cab ride

++ Travel agent sends World Cup-bound couple to wrong city

So, welcome to EL Salvador? Yikes!

++ 25 Family Activities Beyond Beach Resorts

++ A suitcase of apps makes travel time easier

++ How to Travel by Airplane With Your Bird

Don’t laugh. I carried a Cockatiel in a small cage on planes all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand to Washington, DC. We overnighted in Honolulu so he could rest his wings!!!

++ Traveling this summer? The best carry-on luggage…

++ Southwest Airlines monologue cracks up passengers

++ State Department Issues Travel Warning For Iraq

    and a Djibouti Travel Warning

++ Experience Old-Fashioned 1890′s Cycling

Happy birthday today to my Mom!!

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Happy Father’s Day!

by on Jun.15, 2014, under Destinations

To all the Dads!

Happy Father's Day

My father passed away long ago so I’m listing this under “Destinations.”

This looks like a great place to be…

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