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Planning for Travel “Realities”

by on Feb.26, 2013, under Travel Shopping

I was doing a catch-up of Gordon Ramsay’s “Hotel Hell” episodes on Fox last weekend and was reminded of some of the not-so-great things facing travelers and vacationers. Gordon and his little black light found some nasty stains on hotel sheets and duvets. Here’s a fix for that if you have ANY concerns about where you’re sleeping…

The Traveler's Bed Bug Thwarting Sleeping Cocoon.

Traveler’s Bed Bug Thwarting Sleeping Cocoon

Made specially from woven fabric that is impervious to bed bugs. The sleeping cocoon’s tightly wound polyester threads are spaced only 1-micron apart (a span that’s much smaller than bed bugs) to prevent 100% of bed bugs from penetrating the fabric. The durable polyester threads are impervious to bed bugs’ teeth yet the fabric remains soft, pliable, and breathable for optimal sleeping comfort in a hotel bed. The sleeping cocoon creates an enclosed sleeping environment from the shoulders to the feet, the hooded top protects your head and neck yet allows you to breathe naturally, and the entire unit folds to fit in the included tote for ease of travel.

Size: 81″ L x 36″ W.

Reality #2 for travelers is that no matter how many sunny brochure pictures you saw – it just might rain while you are at your chosen destination. Here’s something to add to your travel equipment:

The World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella.

World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella

Carried inconspicuously in a purse or trouser pocket, this is the smallest umbrella available that opens and closes with the push of a button. Only 8″ long when closed, the umbrella instantly deploys its generous 40″ diameter canopy when a button on its handle is pressed. When the skies clear, a second press of the button collapses the canopy. Made by a third-generation umbrella maker based in rainy Portland, Oregon.

Closed size: 8″ L x 2″ diameter.

Reality #3 is that you are in a unfamiliar city, state, or country – you might get lost – even temporarily! This little GPS gadget will solve that potential problem.

The GPS Homing Device.

GPS Homing Device

This is the simplest portable GPS locating device available, ideal for finding your car after shopping or your hotel after a day of touring in an unfamiliar city. Simply push a button when you leave your car or a hotel and the device marks the location and points the way back. Half the size of a cell phone, the compact receiver fits easily on a keychain, in a pocket, or in a purse. Unlike typical GPS units that are highly complex, this one only has two buttons: one for switching your compass mode, another for setting up to three starting points.

Requires two AAA batteries.

None of these items will break your travel budget and as they say, “Better safe than sorry.”

Happy trails…

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